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One of the major advantages of the package is that it can handle large geodata efficiently using a suite of Open Source geoprocessing tools like GRASS GIS, GDAL, and pktools. With thehydrographr package large geodata is not loaded into R. Instead the files get processed in the background using GRASS GIS, GDAL, and pktools and only the output gets read into R.

Since the hydrographr package is optimized to run in a Linux operating system, in a Windows environment some additional software needs to be installed (see Windows system setup).

System requirements

To work smoothly with the hydrographr package, GRASS GIS, GDAL, and pktools need to be installed.

Here you can find the installation guideline for your operating systems:




Loading hydrographr

You can install hydrographr from its GitHub repository. If you did not install the R package yet, install it with remotes::install_github().

# If the package remotes is not installed run first:


Before we start exploring the package load hydrographr.

#> Warning: replacing previous import 'dplyr::as_data_frame' by
#> 'igraph::as_data_frame' when loading 'hydrographr'