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DOI Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.

hydrographr provides a collection of R function wrappers for GDAL and GRASS-GIS functions to efficiently work with Hydrography90m and spatial biodiversity data. The easy-to-use functions process large raster and vector data directly on disk in parallel, such that the memory of R does not get overloaded. This allows creating scalable data processing and analysis workflows in R, even though the data is not processed directly in R.

The package contains currently these functions:

We invite users to test the package and to provide feedback. Please notify us of any possible issues, bugs and feature requests under the issues tab on the top of this page.


Please see the installation guide of the required tools at Afterwards, use the following lines to install the package in R:

{r} install.packages("remotes") remotes::install_github("glowabio/hydrographr") library(hydrographr) The pdf manual of the hydrographr package can be downloaded here.


You can find more details on the package and its applications in our recently published paper in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Please cite the hydrographr package as:

Schürz, M., Grigoropoulou, A., Garcia Marquez, J.R., Tomiczek, T., Floury, M., Schürz, C., Amatulli, G., Grossart, H.-P., Domisch, S. (2023). hydrographr: an R package for scalable hydrographic data processing. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 10.1111/2041-210X.14226

Please also cite the Hydrography90m data:

Amatulli, G., Garcia Marquez, J.R., Sethi, T., Kiesel, J., Grigoropoulou, A., Üblacker, M., Shen, L., Domisch, S. (2022). Hydrography90m: A new high-resolution global hydrographic dataset. Earth System Science Data, 14, 4525–4550.

We thank NFDI4Biodiversity and NFDI4Earth for providing the funding that helped us getting the hydrographr package together!